The Unpalatable Issue: Letter from the Editors

Where are the stories that reject the quest for beautiful and revel in the ugly?

I Don't Want to Be Closed Off...

Cover image for the Unpalatable issue, by creator Raychelle Duazo. Follow the post link for a closer look and a message from the artist. Line art of a person in profile with their eyes closed and a hand up to their cheek, with cut-and-paste style text reading “I no longer want to be closed off to the parts of me I don’t recognize.”


Since last year, there have been many changes at Project As[I]Am. We’ve produced our own in-house media. Our volunteer staff has grown from three to eight. The logo and style of the website has changed dramatically. Through it all we’ve continued to work with inspiring people who, with their art and activism, challenge what it means to be Asian American.

This fall, we have brought into conversation the works of fourteen creators which made us re-think concepts around beauty and ugliness. “Unpalatable” takes inspiration from an essay by disability justice activist Mia Mingus entitled “Moving Toward the Ugly: A Politic Beyond Desirability.” Our staff was drawn to Mingus’ key idea of seeking liberation through magnificence, rather than beauty. Liberation through the embrace of varying stories, ones that already exist but are not often spoken because they do not make the audience comfortable. Or, as Mia put it in a recent interview with podcaster Nia King, “justice and equality don’t have to equal sameness.”

That was our spark. In our call for submissions, we sought stories that engaged with ugliness and difference. We discussed the push and pull of assimilation and what it means to embrace ugliness rather than back away from it. As a result, “Unpalatable” features a broad spectrum of critical pieces on transnational adoption, body hair, and “acceptable” artistic practices.

We don’t claim that this cross-section is representative, but we hope that this range of pieces gets at different aspects of the theme. We seek to challenge our readers as we were challenged: to look beyond expected stories that aspire towards a certain type of sameness. What would it mean if we chose not to make our stories palatable to anyone other than ourselves?

Below you’ll find links to the variety of pieces that we’ve chosen to include for this issue. If they make you think, make you laugh, and/or just make you want to see more, consider supporting Project As[I]Am through a subscription or a one-time donation. Thank you!

With care from the entire Project As[I]Am Team

Table of Contents


Bishakh Som Unpalatable
Selections from The Trouble with Humpadori
Poetry from an upcoming book by Vidhu Aggarwal that challenge artistic aesthetics. Visual art accompaniment by Bishakh Som.

Reclaiming Durian
Reclaiming Durian: Visual Storytelling by Cynthia Fong
A visual art piece that mixes storytelling about durian, embarrassment, and family.

Ugly is an Empty Room: Prose by Sanaa
A prose piece by Sanaa exploring body hair, family, and South Asian beauty norms.

Alison Kinney Bio Pic
HOSTAGES: Speculative Non-fiction by Alison Kinney
A short speculative non-fiction about adoption, rebellion, and “challenging the cuteness of good babies” by Alison Kinney.

Light Gold Cover Image
Light Gold: Visual Art by Joelle Riffle
A visual art piece on “heritage and genealogy as an ethnically ambiguous mixed race woman” created by Joelle Riffle.

Self-Portrait of a Shaman
Self-Portrait of a Shaman: Mixed Media by Sophia Terazawa
An “illustration and invocation” about ancestry, violence, and identity by Sophia Terazawa. Mentions refugees, violent incidents, and self-harm.


I Don't Want to Be Closed Off...
I Don’t Want to Be Closed Off: Visual Art by Raychelle Duazo
A visual art piece by Raychelle Duazo on the unacknowledged parts of ourselves. The Unpalatable cover image.

From 'Leaving These Shores'
Breaking Through to the Other: A Conversation between AE and Sophia Remolde
The Unpalatable #longread, this conversation between visual and performance artists AE & Sophia Remolde explores resisting artistic norms & aesthetics. Parts I and II.

flowers small
Hair Stroke & Flowers: Visual Art by Paradise Khanmalek
Mustachioed portraits of brown people by visual artist Paradise Khanmalek.
Esha Cover Image
She Smells: A Poem by Esha Pillay
A poem that “smells of the other” written and read aloud by Esha Pillay.

Jungli Cover Image
Jungli: A Poem By Salwa Tareen
A poem about how “hair is” by Salwa Tareen.

Tsung Cover Image
Transcending Colors: A Performance Poem by Tsen Ga Tsung
A spoken word piece on gender constructs and racial ones, written and recorded by Tsen Ga Tsung.

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