A Tribute to Tiger Mom: Selected Poetry and Prose by Rain Chan

The Formation of Radio Phoenix

According to scientists, Black holes create electron clouds that can ignite when two clusters of galaxies collide into each other. When that happens, a radio phoenix is reborn. It sounded remarkably eloquent, like lines taken from a poem of two lovers crashing into each other, creating shock waves. Galaxy clusters are the largest structures in the universe… held together by gravity as though the weight of grief for being apart pulls the two people back together ever so fiercely causing a collision that shakes the entire universe. Thus, the high-energy electrons fill a region that is hundreds of thousands of light years across the cosmic space and produce a cloud of bright radio emission in the shape of a phoenix. Galaxy clusters consist of hundreds or thousands of individual galaxies, unseen dark matter, and large reservoirs of hot gas that glow in x-ray light. Just as the human being consists of thoughts, feelings,desires, memories, nightmares, hopes, and dreams. They say understanding how these galaxy clusters grow can help understand how the universe evolves over time.


渴 Thirst


香       the moon’s ears listen

花       for the beats of her heart as

葉       she speaks to the earth


喝       drifting across the

盡       world i ride the wind in search

,          of flower pedals


妳       river’s water can

微       taste like wine when our bodies

笑       intersect as one.


Rain is a writer, performer, artist, facilitator and community activist. Most recently, Rain was awarded second place for their play The Virus at Pat the Dog Theatre Creation 24-playwriting contest. Aside from writing and performing, Rain enjoys training in qigong and has received two medals at the Toronto Health Qigong Tournament. Rain is currently working on their first science fiction novel while also studying Traditional Chinese Medicine. Photo Credit: Brian Gonzaga



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