To Hell and Back: Visual Art by Seema Nanda

A visual art piece by Seema Nanda.

From the artist: After many years of battling depression, I recently tried a new activity called “trauma sensitive yoga.” In each session, I began to experience new physical sensations in my body. One day as I meditated, a rush of feeling/prana swept through my back, and I cried. I never thought I could feel such positive physical energy. This piece aims to capture and remember that feeling.


To Hell and Back

Print of blue ink rib cage on white paper and gold seed beads as a central spine.



Seema was born and raised in Texas. She lives in Houston with her husband and dog and works as a teaching artist for a non profit organization. In her artwork, she focuses on feminist issues, lived experience, her childhood, and healing. Visit Seema’s website to see more.

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