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To Hell and Back

To Hell and Back: Visual Art by Seema Nanda

A visual art piece by Seema Nanda. From the artist: After many years of battling depression, I recently tried a new activity called “trauma sensitive yoga.” In each session, I began to experience new physical sensations in my body. One day as I meditated, a rush of feeling/prana swept through my back, and I cried. […]

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Dear Daughter Photo 1

Dear Daughter: Visual Art by Christina Tran

A series of letters by Christina Tran to the author’s future daughter juxtaposed against photos of their late mother. They are about our worth in the world, fighting the good fight, and always trusting in your own spirit – always. Click on the photos below to see the series in detail. Transcript available on next […]

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How to Love Image

Self-Love and Transformation: Poetry from Naazneen Diwan

These four audio tracks from Naazneen Diwan are poems that touch on self-love and transformation, building and preserving refuge collectively, opening our hearts in the face of heartbreak, and survival, sisterhood and inner-divinity. Click on the images below to read the text of each poem and scroll down to play the audio, as performed by […]

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Hair Stroke by Paradise Khanmalek

Hair Stroke & Flowers: Visual Art by Paradise Khanmalek

Visual art by Paradise Khanmalek     Paradise is an artist, illustrator, and writer based out of LA. She makes art inspired by her own beautiful fat brown body, plants, magic, and science fiction. You can see more of her work at her website.

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“Warpaint”: A Photo Series and Film by Coco Layne

Coco Layne just wanted a job. She had shaved the sides of her head and colored the rest of her hair blonde, but was well aware “my appearance had a lot to do with whether or not I would get hired.”

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Dreams: True Love Waits – A Graphic Novel by Tenaya Izu

Dream: True Love Waits, a graphic novel by Tenaya Lee Izu This graphic novel features line drawings and magenta-toned self-portraits of the author mixed in with comic book panels telling the dream-like story of two friends as they navigate their relationships with men, their city, and each other.

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Black border and hands detail

Hands & Feet by Kalina Yingnan Deng

Kalina Yingnan Deng, a 1.5 generation Mississippi native by way of Beijing, China, studies political and social thought at Wellesley College. Her work ‘Hands & Feet’ is a reflection of her experience as an immigrant and Asian female navigating both the conservative American South as well as liberal New England.

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