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Eye of Shaman

Self-Portrait of a Shaman: Mixed Media by Sophia Terazawa

An “illustration and invocation” by Sophia Terazawa.   My grandfather was a Japanese prisoner of war when the first atomic bomb dropped over Hiroshima. He slept next to an open window that August night in Siberia. The following morning, he woke to a cell full of dead inmates. They had all suffocated on carbon monoxide. […]

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Drop That Hyphen logo

As[I]Am Podcast, Drop That Hyphen: Violence & Memory

Hosted and edited by Veda Kumarjiguda. Guests featured in episode 2 are Alex Ngo and Fredrick D. Kakinami Cloyd. Drop that Hyphen is As[I]Am’s podcast where host Veda will be in conversation with artists and activists around the country about their work and how they think about social justice topics. In the second episode, guests […]

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