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Eye of Shaman

Self-Portrait of a Shaman: Mixed Media by Sophia Terazawa

An “illustration and invocation” by Sophia Terazawa.   My grandfather was a Japanese prisoner of war when the first atomic bomb dropped over Hiroshima. He slept next to an open window that August night in Siberia. The following morning, he woke to a cell full of dead inmates. They had all suffocated on carbon monoxide. […]

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Family Wounds Photo

Family Wounds: Healing from Capitalism

My mom turns to my cousin and exclaims, “At least I’m not as crazy as your mom! She was running a whole restaurant by herself. Doing everything! Even I couldn’t do that. I don’t know how she did that!” My aunt in question takes a sip of her tea and responds, “I had to. What […]

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“#1 BEAUTY NAIL SALON”: A Poem by Paul Tran

written and performed by Paul Tran directed and edited by Jess X Chen sound design by Anders Link

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“API Hair & Queerness”: A Film by Sally Tran

Sally Tran used to have long hair. Back then, Tran says, people would always remark, “You look so pretty with your long hair” and suspected they viewed them as a “submissive geisha doll.” 

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