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A Love Letter to Queer, Christian Asians: Poetry by Lily Luo

A poem from Lily Luo. This poem came out of the many conversations I’ve had, with friends of mine who were dealing with similar questions about their identities, with myself as I tried to reconcile all the different, vibrant, complex parts of my being, with those who were a bit older than me who had […]

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when anger is enuf: shattering my abuser’s radical facade

by Victoria Durden [content warning: mentions and descriptions of partner and emotional abuse, gaslighting, PTSD, sexual coercion] This piece comes out of my own reflections, having exited an emotionally abusive relationship with someone who identifies as leftist, feminist, and radical.

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Princess Chan performing as Jess X. Chen looks on. Photo credit to Eden.

Project As[I]Am Presents: A Recap of Jess X. Chen & Princess Chan’s NYC Poetry Feature

I had been back in the city for a little over a month after being shuffled around the country for five years and was still feeling pretty burned out. After a couple of months of liking each others’ statuses and sharing articles with each other; a colleague and I bonded over our love for cats, […]

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Dreaming, Declaring, Delivering: An Interview with “That’s What She Said”

This year, an up and coming new web series took social media by storm. That’s What She Said, a story about five different queer-identified characters living in the greater Los Angeles area, found themselves featured through a gif-set that has now reached over 26,000 notes on Tumblr. — Jo Chiang

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What’s R(ace) Got To Do With It?: White Privilege & (A)sexuality

by Alok Vaid-Menon In this series of pieces I hope to develop a new grammar to talk about asexuality outside of the ways in which it has been co-opted by neoliberal identity politics.

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“API Hair & Queerness”: A Film by Sally Tran

Sally Tran used to have long hair. Back then, Tran says, people would always remark, “You look so pretty with your long hair” and suspected they viewed them as a “submissive geisha doll.” 

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“You can do it your own way”: An interview with Sally Tran and Coco Layne

Enter Sally Tran and Coco Layne. Both Asian American artists have made ripples in the Tumblr world and beyond with their work challenging how narratives of hair in LGBTQ spaces forget about intersections with race.

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“Warpaint”: A Photo Series and Film by Coco Layne

Coco Layne just wanted a job. She had shaved the sides of her head and colored the rest of her hair blonde, but was well aware “my appearance had a lot to do with whether or not I would get hired.”

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