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Princess Chan performing as Jess X. Chen looks on. Photo credit to Eden.

Project As[I]Am Presents: A Recap of Jess X. Chen & Princess Chan’s NYC Poetry Feature

I had been back in the city for a little over a month after being shuffled around the country for five years and was still feeling pretty burned out. After a couple of months of liking each others’ statuses and sharing articles with each other; a colleague and I bonded over our love for cats, […]

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“RED:” A Poem by Jess X. Chen

“RED” is a performance poem for the millions who protested, were affected, and lost their lives during the Tiananmen Square Massacre on June 3-4, 1989. You can listen to it using the player below! 10/31/14 update: The transcript has been restored, but without original formatting.   TRANSCRIPT June 4, 1989 For the 100,000 injured. 1000 […]

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Double Consciousness — A Slam by Nicole Masangkay and Erika Bleyl

Slam poetry can articulate and weave together so many of our deepest truths, anxieties, and memories. Listen to Nicole Masangkay and Erika Bleyl, two Seattle-based slam poets, speak their truths about being Asian American in this poem, “Double Consciousness.” ERIKA BLEYL is a mixed queer spoken word poet from Yokohama, Japan. She is a graduate […]

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The Place We Call Home by Dora He

The Place We Call Home What does it mean,   When you look down at yourself And find your body broken down into parts, Examined, motives questioned, Chewed up, torn apart, and left to rot Since when did my body become yours To laugh at, to abuse, to shame?  

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Lament by Jo Chiang

Lament   Today, I raise my hands up to the faces on my wall And as I trace the figures of those who have it all I realize they’re everything that I would want to be Yet the only thing I see Among the Kendricks, Poehlers, and the Streeps

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An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding by Catherine Chen

When I was about ten or so, before I began to feel The burden of education squarely set in, I would Watch my mother sit at her make-up table before I left for school every morning. I remember how my Toes curled in, just a bit, the moment my bare skin Made contact with the […]

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