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Eye of Shaman

Self-Portrait of a Shaman: Mixed Media by Sophia Terazawa

An “illustration and invocation” by Sophia Terazawa.   My grandfather was a Japanese prisoner of war when the first atomic bomb dropped over Hiroshima. He slept next to an open window that August night in Siberia. The following morning, he woke to a cell full of dead inmates. They had all suffocated on carbon monoxide. […]

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Princess Chan performing as Jess X. Chen looks on. Photo credit to Eden.

Project As[I]Am Presents: A Recap of Jess X. Chen & Princess Chan’s NYC Poetry Feature

I had been back in the city for a little over a month after being shuffled around the country for five years and was still feeling pretty burned out. After a couple of months of liking each others’ statuses and sharing articles with each other; a colleague and I bonded over our love for cats, […]

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FRESH OFF THE BANANA BOAT: An Interview with Comedian Jes Tom

We had the privilege of interviewing actor and comedian Jes Tom on their latest work, their take on the terms “banana” and “FOB,” and how they navigate the stand-up world.

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“Deconstruct Me”: A Poem by Isabel Cajulis

This is a poem delineating the role of the mosaic body in the establishment of a true identity. Racism/experiences with racism are both implicit and explicit, also touching on issues such as objectification.

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Spring Issue: RESISTANT BODIES Call for Submissions + Call for New As[I]Am Staff

Jump to CALL FOR EDITORS UPDATE: The call for submissions is OPEN UNTIL FEBRUARY 9TH! Get your submissions in and ask any questions at asiamproject@gmail.com.

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