A Song for Grace Lee Boggs

A multi-disciplinary art piece by Sophia Terazawa:

To work is to mourn. I write to mourn. This song is one of many “ghost portraits” that I create to call upon and honor those who have walked before us in this dangerous, joyful, and devastating path called liberation. As I write this now, Grace Lee Boggs is in the process of passing from this life to the next. We have never spoken, never touched hands, breathed the same air. But it is with urgency and tears that I express the impact of her philosophies and intellect have marked upon on me. Transforming from memory is possible. Transforming love–decolonizing its roots, coloring in our eyes–is possible.

Grace Lee Boggs drawing

Line drawing of younger Grace Lee Boggs on top of red word ‘SLEEP’.

Who speaks of devastation and the flames that rise from her wake?
A Song for Grace Lee Boggs

Grace Lee Boggs Poetry Pg 1

click on page 2 below for the rest of the piece, and on page 3 for a transcription of the poetry.

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