Reclaiming Durian: Visual Storytelling by Cynthia Fong

A visual storytelling piece by Cynthia Fong.


Reclaiming Durian

“Reclaiming Durian.” A vector image of a halved durian with text. Transcript below.


Chinese word for ‘durian’

durian | noun | du*ri*an | [phonetic notation for ‘durian’]

a fruit with a thick coat of sharp and unforgiving thorns. upon break-ing the shell, you find a soft, love-shaped center. you exca-vate the gold with your hands like your mother did, until she stopped because she learned to feel ashamed. the flesh is strong, like the aroma which fills the room. it reminds you of family and childhood. you share the treasure with your loved ones. you bake the pulp into desserts. you whip the rest of the fruit into cream filling. you smile.


Cynthia FongCYNTHIA FONG is a Bay Area native who was stolen from the motherland when she was young, forced to survive and find her way in this new land. Newly returned to the Bay, she seeks community, growth and love.

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