Lament by Jo Chiang

Lament   Today, I raise my hands up to the faces on my wall And as I trace the figures of those who have it all I realize they’re everything that I would want to be Yet the only thing I see Among the Kendricks, Poehlers, and the Streeps

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Sure by Lily Liu

I have few vivid memories of my biological father.  I remember strong arms carrying me to bed.  I remember his voice.  I remember playing chess together. I stare at the chessboard, while my fingers clutch my knight.  Advancing it into position, I check for traps.  As I slowly release my grip, he interrupts.

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Surah Al-kawther: Abundance (Quran 108) on sand-colored panel

Islamic Art by Sarosh Arif

Artist Information:  Sarosh Arif Barnard College, Class of 2013 Acrylic Art on Stretched Canvas

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Women in saris in line

Her Words: A Merger of Art and Women’s Empowerment by Monica Jahan Bose

“The women of Katakhali are so confident and resilient.  They are truly inspiring.   We have a lot to learn from the people of this remote village.” 

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Bangalore by Veda Kumarjiguda

Standing in front of the pantry’s double doors, Shanti counts the number of fights on her fingers. She disregards arguments (last night’s: the corruption surrounding the Common Wealth Games) and disagreements (the most recent one regarding new tiles for the bathroom). These normal and petty, like change lining the bottom of her purse.

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Man smokes cigarette in grassy field

ASIAMARX by An Rong Xu

Artist Statement This work is about a journey of love, a journey of sacrifice, and a journey of hope. This is about one of America’s oldest ethnic communities, the Chinese­Americans.

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