The “Our Greatest Resource” Issue: Letter from the Editors

How do we build a world we want, rather than focusing on what we resist and what we don’t want? What if we prioritized this work of loving and treating each other better? How do we want to see each other grow, thrive, and live in joy?


We had originally planned Our Greatest Resource as a summer issue. But some summers, life gets in the way. Our staff has done some fabulous things since summer began — we’ve started grad school, we’ve moved to new cities, we’ve cared for ourselves and one another. We’ve also experienced the painfulness of national and international news. We’ve all struggled to keep ourselves energized with the crush of day-to-day expectations.

With this issue, we are offering a series of brilliant artistic pieces that bring into conversation how we love, support, and take care of one another. We are also doing something different with our letter from the editors: we are offering you our voices. We realized that our past issues ended up being static on the page, whether they are visual art pieces or typed poetry. This time, we wanted to do something more dynamic and utilize audio to highlight the intimacy of many of the pieces below. If you click on the audio player above, you’ll get to hear from the As[I]Am editorial team about our process working on this issue and why it has been meaningful for us. If you’d like to read a transcript, that’s available here. It’s a been a long process, but it’s been a worthwhile one.

Below you’ll find links to the variety of pieces that we’ve chosen to include for this issue. If they make you think, make you laugh, and/or just make you want to see more, consider supporting Project As[I]Am through a subscription or a one-time donation. We thank you!

With care from the entire Project As[I]Am Team

Table of Contents



Dear Daughter Photo 6

Dear Daughter: Visual Art by Christina Tran
A series of letters by Christina Tran to the author’s future daughter juxtaposed against photos of their late mother.


Cover Image Chan

婆婆: A Tribute Poem by Huiying B. Chan
An audio poem and tribute to the resilience and love of Huiying’s grandmother and the generations of women in their family.


Perfect Cup of Chai Visual

The Perfect Cup of Chai: Prose from Mandeep Hothi
A prose piece about the ritual of chai-making by Mandeep Hothi.


Rain is a writer, performer, artist, facilitator and community activist. Most recently, Rain was awarded second place for their play The Virus at Pat the Dog Theatre Creation 24-playwriting contest. Aside from writing and performing, Rain enjoys training in qigong and has received two medals at the Toronto Health Qigong Tournament. Rain is currently working on their first science fiction novel while also studying Traditional Chinese Medicine. Photo Credits: Brian Gonzaga

A Tribute to Tiger Mom: Selected Poetry from Rain Chan
Several poems from Rain Chan including “A Tribute to Tiger Mom,” a reaction to a stereotype that did not justify the complexity of what it means to be an Asian mother.


bholospeakcreators Bholo::Speak: Letters between Taz Ahmed & Rohin Guha
A lo-fi epistolary audio art exchange between Rohin Guha and Taz Ahmed.







forever sounds like

forever sounds like: Selected Poetry by Hayun Cho
Poetry from Hayun Cho in English and Korean; titles include “write Her true and write Her warm,” “vanity, love,” and “forever sounds like.”


Lily Luo is a community organizer in Boston, working with the Massachusetts Senior Action Council as part of a faith rooted social justice fellowship, Life Together. She recently graduated from Wellesley College with a degree in Political Science and English. She is poet who writes about sexual assault, mental health, family, transformative justice, queer love, and being Asian American. She thinks Grace Lee Boggs and Gloria Anzaldúa are her spirit goddesses.

A Love Letter to All the Queer Christian Asians who Have Asked Me for Advice: Poetry by Lily Luo
A written poem from Lily Luo that “came out of the many conversations [they’ve] had with friends… dealing with similar questions about their identities.”

How to Love Image

Self-Love and Transformation: Poetry from Naazneen Diwan
Four audio tracks from Naazneen Diwan that touch on self-love and transformation, with accompanying visual art pieces.

To Hell and Back

To Hell and Back: Visual Art by Seema Nanda
A visual art piece exploring trauma in the body by Seema Nanda.



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