Organizations to Know (CACF and SAWCC)

Coalition for Asian American Children and Families (CACF)

South Asian Women’s Creative Collective (SAWCC)

Coalition for Asian American Children & Families

Coalition for Asian Children and Families youth group

Group of youth from the Coalition for Asian Children and Families posing in front of courthouse.

Who is CACF?

CACF youth holding signs for edu justice

Youth holding signs about educational justice from CACF.

The Coalition for Asian American Children and Families (CACF) is the nation’s only pan-Asian children’s advocacy organization that aims to ensure the health and well-being of Asian Pacific American (APA) children and families living in New York City. CACF believes that children of all backgrounds should have an equal opportunity to grow up healthy and safe and should live in a society free from discrimination and prejudice. CACF focuses primarily on education, child welfare and health issues, and challenges stereotypes of Asian Pacific Americans as a “model minority.” Through policy advocacy, CACF targets elected and appointed officials and works to ensure that there are better public policies, funding and services to meet the needs of New York City’s Asian Pacific American community.

Young People as Advocates

CACF believes that youth and parents have a meaningful role in promoting justice and equity. Our youth and parents should be empowered to share their stories, and make sure their voices are represented alongside the voices of decision makers and officials. CACF builds a coalition of Asian led- and serving community based organizations to ensure the voice of Asian Pacific Americans is not ignored, and organizes the Asian American Student Advocacy Project (ASAP), a youth leadership program that improves their leadership and public speaking skills, and encourages them to be advocates for themselves and their community.

CACF youth doing human knot icebreaker

Youth doing human knot icebreaker in CACF workshop.

What does ASAP work on?

CACF youth chatting at lunch table

Youth from CACF chatting at lunch table.

ASAP youth leaders represent APA high school students from all over New York City, and work together to create positive change in education for the APA community. Based on their personal experiences and feedback from peers, ASAP believes that many APA youth must overcome many cultural and language barriers to be college and career ready. Coming from immigrant families, APA youth often feel isolated and alone, and feel like they have to navigate school by themselves. To address this issue, ASAP developed Campaign Bridge, a campaign that aims to not only ensure that the needs of all APA students are addressed, but ensure that all NYC public high school students can receive the guidance and support they need to be college and career ready. ASAP believes that counselors are the bridges that connect students to a more successful future, and can also provide the essential academic support that many students cannot always find at home or within their families.

South Asian Women’s Creative Collective


SAWCC logo, lotus design in orange, pink, and purple

South Asian Women’s Creative Collective logo, lotus design in orange, pink, and purple.

The South Asian Women’s Creative Collective (SAWCC) has served South Asian women since 1997 and has earned a reputation for showcasing cutting-edge work that deals intelligently with issues of gender and cultural representation.

Currently, our programs include monthly events presenting the work of South Asian women artists; a writing workshop called Brown Eyed Girls; Practice/Process/Portfolio, a studio circle for visual artists; a listserv for South Asian women; and annual exhibitions and festivals open to the public.

SAWCC provides women of South Asian descent links to various communities and encourages their growth as artists by providing a venue to exchange ideas and feedback on their creative work and network with other South Asian women artists, educators, community workers, and professionals.

Mission Statement

The South Asian Women’s Creative Collective (SAWCC) is a nonprofit arts organization dedicated to the advancement, visibility, and development of emerging and established South Asian women artists and creative professionals by providing a physical and virtual space to profile their creative and intellectual work across disciplines.

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  1. Oma November 7, 2014 at 6:25 pm #

    I was going through all the seriously great content that’s being curated here, and was so thrilled to see this article on CACF and ASAP! I’m an ASAP alum (now a college student) and this was the organization that really politicized and empowered me as a young person growing up in NYC with a conflicted sense of (South) Asian-Americanness.

    also, the goals of Campaign Bridge were recently signed into law–after 3-4 years of youth-led organizing and activism! (