Light Gold: Visual Art by Joelle Riffle

Light Gold Spread 3

A three-page spread.

The far left page has a b&w background, repeated photos of a smiling young girl and an older man with glasses. White text is twice repeated and reads: “Part II. Gold”

The center page background is two b&w wedding photos, one of a white couple looking at the camera and one where they are smiling at each other, stacked on top of each other. A yellow horizontal stripe runs through the bottom half. White text in upper half reads: “JOELLE AND JAMES WERE IN THEIR MID TWENTIES WHEN THEY ADOPTED FOUR BABIES. JOSEPH JACKIE JEFF AND JENNIFER.” Text in the lower half reads “THEY RAISED FOUR CHILDREN, A RANGE OF ETHNICITIES AND RACES AND ABILITIES AND ISSUES AND FUTURES, ACROSS THE UNITED STATES IN THE EARLY 1970S.”

The far right page is white with a pink thick stripe running vertically down the left side. Faded b&w images of flowers run down the center. Faded black text reads: “the tree that i come from is / multi-dimensional / who are the women i do not know? whose names i won’t write here / matriarchal / mysterious / did i descend / is it on me to unerase? to indulge in the luxury of / magical / a linear lineage / i have questions that i am either too old or too young to ask about the people whose names i claim whose features i bear whose decisions have placed me here / to unsecret / who are the women i do not know? before i knew them, they made me.”

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