Light Gold: Visual Art by Joelle Riffle

Light Gold Spread 2

A three-page spread.

The far left page is yellow with a green vertical stripe running along the left side. In boxes, the text reads: “J X X L L X / D X X N N X / R X F F L X” Below the boxes, text reads: “my mother is proud of the way the letters in my name line up, as if it was intentional. i love her for that ability to make happy accidents into something nice and even and balanced.”

The center page has a b&w floral image background and white text which reads: “we’ve never been half anything. no fractional sisters and brothers. no parts to a whole. but we are always whole. we cannot be understood in halves or quarters.”

The far right page is mint green with a dark green stripe running vertical down the right side. Widely spaced letters in the upper third reads “i feel like math.” Flecks of gold pen trail down the page. Boxes in the bottom third read “1/4 shiny brown hair that wont hold a curl / 1/4 crooked hooked nose / 1/4 brassy green skin that scales in dry winter / 1/4 freckles that burst out after five minutes in the sun”

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