Selections from The Trouble with Humpadori



Just an undulating motion—a bulge to start—


and eliminating

irradiated particles
of spiritus mundi

all over your

Time to accelerate a smile,
assemble my voids.

Welcome to my feedlot, stud!

Meet the fat rapt crowds.

Time to show your head! Hold up your sad effects

cuz something big’s busting out
of my pen,

some mondo-paroxysm recombinant growth hormone!

Your minute has come at last –

Time for you and me

to jive, we’ll snap through my crackling

gates, and mobilize

your toys.

Look, your junkyard
accessories are already beginning

to give off a minimal type

of shine, dosed on my zings
and chirps and blips, half-hypnotized!

I’m stretching my odd limbs,

I’m scaling your odd parts,

I’ll move in sync to your streaming bits,

letting the virus spiral through the masses.
Everyone’s prickling! Everyone’s gasping!

I wonder how you’ve lived with yourself
all these years—

Time to get over your little complex.

No more hiding behind your cluster
of musty contraptions, licked from within, bummed and spastic.

No more brooding over

the time before
and after—

I’ve been missing your reluctant strain

of the human factor! I’ve been singing

a chimera

of moods and chances, an entire history

of crashes—and I’m spiking

your vague nightmares


with my spit
and my spunk.

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