forever sounds like: Selected Poetry by Hayun Cho

vanity, love


I am reclaiming my vanity.

I have given so much, now I want to take.

I deserve to take.

This is about warmth, this is about

Being able to keep myself warm.

I set fire to old ruins and I make summer for myself.

See how it mirrors the dawn, in its roses and greens and golds.

Ugliness has no place here. Cold has no place here.

I was always beautiful, always invincible, until someone told me I wasn’t.

Today I unwrite it, I unwrite it, I set fire to all that has hurt me.

I am the one who drank the sorrows, but I am also the one

Who threw away the cup, the one who laughed open a season.

Summer is coming and I am ready.

I’m ready to wear sunglasses and ignore everyone.

I’m ready to be a mermaid on the sunniest street.

I’m ready to be the sweetest sword, the coolest song.

The horizon is my jump rope, the moon sugar for my coffee.

I heal. I render myself necessary.

I return to this body. I return to love.

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Hayun is a rising senior at Yale studying literature. Her work has been published in The Margins and The Kenyon Review. She calls both Seoul and Chicago home. Photo credit: Mehyun Song






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