I Don’t Want to Be Closed Off: Visual Art by Raychelle Duazo

A visual art piece by Raychelle Duazo

From the artist: “I Don’t Want to Be Closed Off” is a simple self-portrait in the style of a comic book panel. As a comics artist whose body of work is autobiographical and often very personal, I feel hyper visible as an API person and wanted to relay how my work helps me to come into my identities.

I Don't Want to Be Closed Off...

“I Don’t Want to Be Closed Off…” Line art of a person in profile with their eyes closed and a hand up to their cheek, with cut-and-paste style text reading “I no longer want to be closed off to the parts of me I don’t recognize.”


RAYCHELLE DUAZO (they/them) is a 20-something Filipina-American queer femme illustrator from the Pacific Northwest. As an artist, they specialize in comics, poster design, typography, and people. Their body of work largely focuses on themes of identity, belonging, place, love, heartbreak, and loss. More of their work can be viewed at cargocollective.com/raychelleduazo and purchased at bigcartel.raychelleduazo.com.



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