Dear Daughter: Visual Art by Christina Tran


Photo 1 –

Dear Daughter,

Sometimes you’ll have to fight for what you already deserve in this world. I will be back in your corner. I will have your back.

Photo 2 –

Dear Daughter,

I will not pretend these things don’t take their toll. I will not pretend things will always be easy. But I do know others will benefit from your example and your cause.

Photo 3 –

Dear Daughter,

I just want to create more safe spaces – for your body and your voice – for your feelings and your joys.

Photo 4 –

Dear Daughter,

Sometimes I get scared when i get the chance to do something that I know will help me grow. But I’ve learned to follow that fear. I hope you always follow your fear.

Photo 5 –

Dear Daughter,

I know you think you need me. But I won’t always be able to be there for you. I can’t. But I trust in your heart. And I trust in your spirit.

Photo 6 –

Dear Daughter,

Even after I am gone, you can still find me when you need me. I’ll be waiting in the quiet on the top of mountaintops.




Christina Tran is a writer and artist who makes visual essays about life, loss, and love at So Delightful. She is also writing letters to her future daughter on Instagram. Photo credit: Matt Lynaugh.

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