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Jordan Alam is the creator of As[I]Am. Jordan is a writer and activist based in New York City who focuses on intersecting identities beyond just race, class, sexuality, and gender. In the past, she has facilitated workshops on everything from Asian American identity to women’s health. Having recently graduated from Barnard College, she is now writing for online publications and knitting out the stress when not spending her time at work. You can also find her at her personal creativity blog, The Cowation and on Twitter @thecowation.


IMG_2212Arita Balaram is the content editor of As[I]Am. She is an Indo-Caribbean activist from the Bronx. She is currently pursuing a PhD in Critical Psychology at CUNY Graduate Center, studying racial/ethnic identity development, multiracial coalition building, and postcolonial critiques of psychology. She is especially interested in the knowledge that comes from diasporas, and has spent time in South Africa learning about the history of Indians in Durban. You can follow her on twitter @AritaBita.





Alvin is the Content Editor of As[I]Am. Alvin is a writer and activist in New York who also works as a Development Coordinator for Community Solutions and APIPS organizer for CAAAV: Organizing  Asian Communities. Originally from Nashville, Alvin works to highlight Asian American lives throughout the U.S. and celebrates the experiences of queer Asian Americans. In past positions, Alvin campaigned against voting rights amendments in Minnesota and facilitated collective action for queer people of color. As a Mellon Mays Fellow and Rhodes Scholar Finalist, Alvin is particularly interested in Asian American visions of the future, connections between aesthetics and mobility, and food. You can follow Alvin on Twitter @a_quasian.



Headshot_tkimTessa Kim is the Content Editor of As[I]Am. They are particularly interested in relationships between bodies, trauma and healing justice, which they aim to explore through art while at Wellesley College. Tessa is committed to creating and (un/re)learning kinder, more loving ways of being that center the lives of QTPOC; they might very soon maintain similar levels of commitment to a Twitter account.






2015-03-04 17.57.51Penny Wang is the Volunteer Coordinator of As[I]Am.  She is currently exploring and learning how Asian Americans are placed in various places in the world.  Her interest lies in digging into the lesser known Asian American identities, especially bringing out those who are not affected by the model minority stereotype.  Since graduating Wellesley College, she became a transient moving from place to place to better understand the world and bridging culture with medicine.  You can follow her on twitter @pen_wang14 and her personal blog, Char[mander]



Isabel Cajulis is the Fundraising Coordinator of Project As[I]Am. She cares about the empowerment of marginalized communities and the intersections between variable identities. She is a full-time student at Hunter College and part-time poet. As a creative, her work examines the influence of colonialism on Self.



Staff Contributors


anna saini is brown and proud, a femme-crip-working-class survivor.
Her writing appears in various journals and anthologies, Bitch and make/shift magazines, her self-published anthology Colored Girls and her blog Hersight.




AlexBioPicAlex Ngo is passionate about educational access, racial, economic, and queer justice, sexual violence prevention and education, and healing as a political practice. He graduated from the University of Michigan and currently works in a Philadelphia public high school as a college adviser and advocate. You can reach him on Twitter @alexrichardngo.



FredrickBioPicFredrick combines stories from ancestors with diverse academic and literary genres to  interrogate memory, identity, alienation,  and the loss of history through intergenerational adultism and ageism and bring a Black Pacific archive to visibiity.  His book– Dream of the Water Children: Memory and Mourning in the Black Pacific, will be published by 2Leaf Press (NY) in Fall 2015. He presently lives in San Francisco.



Veda Kumarjiguda is a writer and eavesdropper living in New York City.






Sara Abdullah is an indigenous Arab/Iranian/Pin@y mestiza queer Muslima in diaspora. She is a poet, playwright, zinester, sociopolitical agitator, and creative being committed to collective healing, (re)membering performance traditions, and interrogating the spaces in which belonging is negotiated.



GRAY is a disabled QTPOC migrant figuring out how to survive oppressive societies and who believes in the possibility of rebuilding life, a little bit at a time.


Past Staff

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Sonum is the Social Media Coordinator of As[I] Am. She is currently working and living in the Greater Los Angeles area while figuring out how to figure out how to mesh her passions for disability justice, public health, health politics and feminism into some kind of career or life path. You can find her on Twitter @sonumd

Kyla Cheung is the content editor for As[I]Am. A New York City-based writer and coder, Kyla has reported and written on Manhattan’s Chinatown, the computer science and tech community, and AsAm-created art. Kyla cares about serving communities, technology, and art that resist coercive and violent structures and help us learn radical ways to relate to one another. Follow at @nonamekyla.

Amanda's Bio PicAmanda Zhang is the content editor of As[I]Am. At Wellesley College, she was an activist for ethnic studies as well as an organizer within the Asian/Asian American communities, bringing people together to share poetry and music at open mics, learning about Asian American history, and engaging in consciousness raising. These days outside of work, she thinks a lot about collective living, the way neoliberal capitalism invades our lives, and what it means to radically love. You can find her on Twitter @mandazhang.


221642_10150172127757913_1332927_nSamuel Hernandez is the Social Media Coordinator of As[I]Am. He is a Mexican-American educator, writer, and activist based in New York City. At New York University, he studied Social & Cultural Analysis with concentrations in Africana Studies and Asian-Pacific American studies. He has worked developing comprehensive after school programs in the South Bronx and in Long Island City, as a Certified Interpreter for the New York City Mayor’s Office, and trying to determine how to make pop culture more inclusive of various subject positions and backgrounds. You can follow him on twitter @samhernandezny

Ally Ang is the editorial assistant for As[I]Am. A current student at Wellesley College, she is involved in student activism in the Asian American community, as well as in advocating for ethnic studies programs and the admission of transgender women to women’s colleges. She is particularly interested in intersecting identities, issues of accessibility, creating change through music and art, and celebrating selfie culture. You can follow her on twitter @Allyy_Ang.


Judy Hong is an editorial assistant for As[I]Am. Based in Virginia, she currently runs Quiet Year Records, a DIY record label for punk and independent music, and is Director of Dame Theory on WXJM, James Madison University’s longest running feminist talk show. She likes thinking about mental health in marginalized communities; radical politics in art, music, and pop culture; and dismantling the oppressor in all of us. You can find her twitter on @hongcommajudy.