Call for Submissions for Summer Issue: Our Greatest Resource



Project As[I]Am has re-opened our call for submissions in the 2016 Summer Issue with a specific focus on visual and/or audio pieces. As a multimedia platform for Asian American artists, we strive to depict a wide range of artists and pieces that complicate the landscape of Asian American culture. Visual/audio/multimedia pieces includes podcasts, short films, photographs, paintings, digital design, murals, and more. Though we will technically continue to accept literary submissions, we are currently most interested in increasing our visual and audio pieces for “Our Greatest Resource.” If you’re unsure whether your piece would be appropriate for the issue, please get in touch. The new deadline for visual/audio pieces is July 5th, 2016. We look forward to reviewing more of your pieces!

How do we build a world we want, rather than focusing on what we resist and what we don’t want? Much of looking toward what we want starts with the more internal, quiet, and tender work of caring for each other and ourselves. What if we prioritized this work of loving and treating each other better? How do we want to see each other grow, thrive, and live in joy?

In this issue, we’re looking for your “love letters,” your thank you notes, and your dedications. We need each other to confront injustice, to heal, and to transform. These testaments can take any form. They can be about current connections, former connections, or connections you desire and reimagine. You might send in…

  • A comic or visual art piece depicting a formative moment in a friendship
  • A short story about one of your closest friends, as you would tell it to your child
  • A recording of your friend(s) reflecting upon your relationship, asking each other about their biggest and most terrifying hopes, etc.
  • A moment (or several) when you realized you yourself were your greatest resource
  • A piece that made you sing, that inspired you, that moved you

More important than answers, this summer issue will provide an anthology of restoration and healing, an issue that celebrates and appreciates the people you hold dear–yourself included. We want to center care and connectivity, the work that goes into celebrating each other for our daily fights and victories.

Project As[I]Am serves to showcase the work of Asian American creators. Please do not feel limited, however, to submitting content only about other Asian-identified folks in your lives; we encourage love letters to non-Asian identified POC and musings on what it means to build solidarity for collective liberation.

Email us at by July 5th. We accept interviews, profiles, visual art, audio and video, nonfiction, fiction, and poetry. Got something else? Send it to us! We especially encourage submissions from South, Southeast, West Asian, Pacific Islander, Native Hawai’ian, and Caribbean folks, low-income and working class folks, folks from a mixed-race background, those whose gender identity/expression and sexuality fall outside institutional norms, and folks who don’t live in areas with concentrated Asian populations. For all inquires, please include a short explanation and 2-sentence bio.

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  1. Lorena Guzmán González June 22, 2016 at 9:58 am #

    Hi! I’m too late to submit but I’d like to stay in touch to collaborate in further projects.