Call for Content Creators! 4/21


Project As[I]Am is looking for original content makers!

Want to contribute to an Asian American space that seeks to remember and restore our radical roots? Want to connect with rad artivists and help share their lives and stories in a world that’s hostile to our survival and truth? Want to video chat with cool and nerdy AsAm folks from around the U.S.? Want to be compensated for your brilliant art and ideas?

Whether you write poetry or prose, illustrate comics or animation, love music or films, we want to hear from you. We are always looking for work that challenges dominant notions of who Asian Americans are supposed to be and pushes others to recognize how we are. Plus, we pay our contributors. 

We want to hear from people who don’t feel Asian America has made space for them, among them: South, Southeast, West Asian, Pacific Islander, Native Hawai’ian, and Caribbean folks, low-income and working class folks, folks from a mixed-race background, those whose gender identity/expression and sexuality fall outside institutional norms, and folks who don’t live in areas with concentrated Asian populations.

Note: We organize under the “Asian American” moniker not to erase the contributions of Pacific Islanders and Native Hawai’ians from the A/API community, but to step back from an umbrella term we, a staff of three non-Pacific Islander and non-Native Hawai’ian Asian Americans, cannot claim to represent.

Please send:

  1. contact info and general availability for interviews
  2. links to social media accounts
  3. samples or links to previous work
  4. a short statement no more than 800 words detailing
  • arts and writing experience and any previous experience in activist and social justice spaces (whether they were explicitly Asian American or not)
  • what individual perspective you’d bring to As[I]Am and subject matter and media you’d like to cover (provide an example of a piece you’d like to see published — an interview with a rad protest musician, e.g.)
  • why you want to contribute to As[I]Am

A few things on our radar/wishlist:

  • Mental health issues within the Asian American community
  • Anti-Blackness in Asian American spaces (“Is the project of an ‘Asian American’ identity inherently anti-Black?” )
  • Organizing against the criminalization of sex workers and immigrants
  • The role of diasporic community members in shaping policy overseas
  • Underrepresented intersections of Asian American organizing (e.g., gender justice, environmental politics)
  • Traveling while Asian American
  • Language justice
  • Zinesters
  • Comic series
  • Choosing not to identify as Asian American or AAPI
  • Non-normative gender and sexualities that resist queer/trans* umbrella terms and Western frameworks
  • Asian American anti-violence and transformative justice work
  • Work discussing the prison industrial complex
  • Holistic health and healing work outside of a Western framework
  • Labor rights/labor activism
  • Food justice
  • Historical, intergenerational trauma
  • War, imperialism, government surveillance
  • The role of class in shaping Asian American experiences
  • Disability justice
  • Consensual hugs <3

Email us your genius at editors [at] with subject “CFC: [your name].” We can’t wait to read, watch, and/or listen to what you have for us!


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