Asian Americana: Weekly Round-Up

On Our Radar

In remembrance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Soya Jung writes on Dr. King’s “Beyond Vietnam” speech and Scot Nakagawa writes on some of Asian Americans’ debts to the Civil Rights Movement.

Following #BlackPowerYellowPeril has been a critical examination of Asian Americans’ relative position to anti-blackness. Check out Robert Reece’s article “Examining What People Mean By ‘Asian Privilege’” and Soya Jung’s article “On Asian American Privilege.” We want to continue examining the non-Black POC’s structural position and how that grants privilege with or without a model minority myth.

Albeit non-comprehensive, 10 Examples of #AAPI’s Rich History in Resistance by Jenn Fang at Reappropriate is a good 101 of Asian American activism and resistance.

Rep. Mike Honda (D-CA) has called for the Japanese government to formally apologize to the East and Southeast Asian “comfort women” who were sexually enslaved by the Japanese military in WWII.

Sharon Chang of Racism Review talked to a few Asian American activists in “Sidelined in the Not Your Asian Sidekick Discussion to further a discussion on interracial dating and families we hope will continue.

NYPD beat an elderly Asian man after he jaywalked and the family plans to press charges.

Suey talks about how #NotYourAsianSidekick was a collective effort.

Alok Vaid-Menon’s first installment of “What’s R(ace) Got To Do With It?: White Privilege & (A)sexuality” critiques asexuality that does not examine race, particularly in the context of Asian American male assigned sexualities. They ask, “Can I ever authentically express ‘my’ (a)sexuality or am I always rehearsing colonial logics?”

Arts & Literature

Khmer American artist Kat Eng’s sews for eight hours in front of H&M, making a sobering statement about the relationship between fast fashion consumerism and the state of garment workers in Cambodia. Check out “Less Than Three” below.


Hashtag Parties

#tjstrategy with Andrea Smith (@andrea366) and Mia Mingus (@miamingus)
#HowIMetYourRacism by @suey_park (also see Dear How I Met Your Mother: ‘Asian’ Is Not a Costume by Kai Ma)
#xculturelove hosted by NPR Code Switch (@nprcodeswitch) to discuss dating and romance among multiracial and/or multiethnic people


SoCal The lineup for AAPAC 2014 at UC Irvine is looking to be kick. ass. Not only are Janani Balasubramanian, Beau Sia, and Sumun Pendakur keynote speakers, the workshops will cover cross-POC solidarity, various LGBTQ topics, undocumented immigration, the prison industrial complex, and many more narratives rarely highlighted in mainstream Asian American spaces. For all those continuing to critique anti-Blackness in AAPI spaces, you must check out Jared Sexton and Dr. Claire Jean Kim’s workshop “Anti-Blackness and Asian Americans.” Students can register for FREE and attend on Saturday, February 8th. [x]

Call to Action

Online In the wake of Typhoon Yolanda, there is a White House petition urging President Obama to grant Filipin@s in the U.S. Temporary Protected Status, meaning that undocumented immigrants would be temporarily given the right to live and work. Sign the petition!

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