As[I]Am Statement of Solidarity with Anti-Police Violence Movement

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As[I]Am stands in solidarity with the protesters against state violence. After the announcements that there would be no indictments for the murders of Mike Brown and Eric Garner, amongst hundreds of other casualties of state and police violence, we are angry and disappointed at a system that claims to provide ‘justice’. There is no justice for black and brown peoples affected by this violence. There is no justice for the many people whose identities make them targets of violence: women, queer and trans folks, disabled folks, etc. We believe that black life and black experiences should take center stage in this fight, but our role is to bring all of our communities into solidarity against anti-black racism. Our editors and contributors have not only putting boots to the ground in protest, but hands to work in organizing new spaces that resist anti-blackness in Asian communities and provide healing spaces that nourish all of us.


Stay tuned for more active responses from us regarding this struggle, online and in person. For now, we offer a short resource list for anyone who wants to read and get involved:



APIA Writers in Solidarity with Ferguson (you can sign the open letter) and a call for submissions from Artists Against Police Violence, started by one of our contributors Jess X. Chen and editor Kyla Cheung.




FergusonNext is an idea center for a sustained movement against police violence. And here is a Tumblr collecting actions happening across the country for Mike Brown, Eric Garner, Akai Gurley, Tamir Rice, and other victims of police violence.


Things to read: A list of demands from Ferguson youth to the White House. How women of color are affected by police violence (and made invisible in movements such as these). The death of a black transwoman in Compton in the midst of protests about police violence, and the intersection of violence against queer and trans people.


A tear-jerking essay from Carvell Wallace about parenting on the night of the Ferguson decision. And Roxane Gay’s poignant response as a writer when words fail.


Therapists and healing workers offering their services for anti-police violence protesters and survivors of police violence. A list of healing spaces (contribute to it!). And Healing Justice for Black Lives Matter Thursday FB event. Plus, this very important reminder from The Weekly Review with Roman and Molly:


Other Forms of Activist Resistance

List of ways to participate in anti-police violence that are not protesting.


*Though we are not entirely sure how well any petition will be to this end, we are offering this as one resource.

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