As Ramadan Comes to a Close… Support Artists and Writers of Color!

Hello readers and supporters!
I have been thinking a lot about the value of our work. This Ramadan, I have been writing a poem every day as part of my own artistic journey. I have also been working with 6 new artists and writers that are coming to the As[I]Am team. Every day I am reminded that we do this work out of our own passion and drive, not because we will be rewarded with money or fame.

Asian American artists and activists still need to eat, pay bills, and be valued in so many ways for their creations. They are not accessories to the movement; they are central to it.

As[I]Am’s mission is not only to share and spread the works of Asian-identified social justice activists, writers, and artists: it is also to compensate them for their invaluable work.

This Eid, please consider donating to our Paypal or get in contact with me for other donation options. Read and support our work on the web through reading and sharing our pieces. Contact us for ways to create and interview for us (for pay!). And welcome our 6 new staff members as they keep putting forward meaningful and important work.

Eid Mubarak!


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