As[I]Am Call for Staff! DEADLINE EXTENDED TO 4/21

As[I]Am is making some big changes for 2015! Have you admired us from afar? Wanted to contribute to an Asian American space that seeks to remember and restore our radical roots? Want to video chat with cool and nerdy AsAm folks from around the U.S.? Great! We want you helping us run things.

We want to hear from people who don’t feel Asian America has made space for them, among them: South, Southeast, West Asian, Pacific Islander, Native Hawai’ian, and Caribbean folks, low-income and working class folks, folks from a mixed-race background, those whose gender identity/expression and sexuality fall outside institutional norms, and folks who don’t live in areas with concentrated Asian populations.

Note: We organize under the “Asian American” moniker not to erase the contributions of Pacific Islanders and Native Hawai’ians from the A/API community, but to step back from an umbrella term we, a staff of three non-Pacific Islander and non-Native Hawai’ian Asian Americans, cannot claim to represent.


To apply, please send materials to editors [at] by APRIL 21TH.

Please send:

  1. contact info and general availability for interviews
  2. links to social media accounts
  3. which role you are applying for
  4. a short statement no more than 500 words detailing
  • any previous experience in these roles in activist and social justice spaces (whether they were explicitly Asian American or not)
  • what individual perspective you’d bring to As[I]Am and subject matter
  • why you want to contribute to As[I]Am

Below are the positions that we have open and a sample of their duties. The As[I]Am staff makes the effort to work as a collective: roles can shift and change based on your feedback, and we appreciate everyone’s voices throughout our processes.

To be clear, though we have a budget to pay our writers at this time, our editorial team volunteers their time to make this project possible. Though we are always looking for new opportunities to fundraise, we at the present time do not offer monetary compensation for the editorial team’s work.

For all the positions, we expect that you are 1) able to make a biweekly meeting (over the internet) and 2) are willing to give 3-5 hours of your time each week to devoted As[I]Am work. If you are unable to make these commitments, we would be more than happy to have you volunteer for specific projects – we need all the hands we can get!


Available positions:


  • Edits and is in regular communication with our regular staff contributors
  • Develops call for submissions, determines if pieces will fit on our site, and goes through editorial process with contributors
  • Sets up pieces on the website and makes sure that they are accessible to a variety of readers
  • Helps create and plan events


  • Manages our Facebook and Twitter pages
  • Gathers and edits content for our forthcoming newsletter
  • Engages our audience and gets the word out about our work


  • Manages the volunteer listserv
  • Delegates tasks and keeps people to deadlines (for things like transcription, captioning, etc.)
  • Recruits new volunteers and hosts volunteer meetings


  • Helps with any planned crowdfunding campaigns
  • Researches available grants and helps to apply for them**

**We do not currently receive grant funding though we are open to it, and would approach these applications as a team such that it does not conflict with our mission


To apply, please send materials to editors [at] by APRIL 6TH.

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